the art room

October 17, 2012
By kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Cranes hanging down from the ceiling
Desks in a perfect square
The ground paint splatter all over
Creative joyful when you walk in!
Flowers on the window
Like a blossom bloom
Who hom shall I paint
Said the artist
I shall paint a beautiful beast
The supplies hidden in the back of the closet
For oranginazation to look neat
I want to see the fun
Names of words I had not a clue
Existed…indeed I do now
Children being free having the time of there life
Seeing smiles
Teachcer couldn’t give a care
She wants freedom
She says paint “medium”
Strokes of wet paint side to side
Up and down
All around making
A plain white piece of paper
That is the art room

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