Mint Choc-Chip

October 17, 2012
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The other day when I was supposed to be in Biology,
A young lady asked if I’d like my make-up done for free,
Its national chocolate week she said,
I looked at all the colours and on they went:
Brown; black and glittery green,
When she was done I looked the best I’d ever seen,
She said “this is mint choc-chip”,
I stared in the mirror and bit my lip,
I saw in the mirror; the reflection of my soul,
Part of me I’d never seen whole,
The parts of me I like to keep hidden,
Even to those whom I am smitten,
The aggression; cold; deception and envy,
All the horror that rots inside of me,
I finally understood what mum says to me,
When she says “the Ice Queen is melting”,
But amongst the green goo of my personality bitter,
I saw a few sparkles of glitter,
A glimmer of hope that all is not lost,
A chance to say it’s not too high a cost,
To love me like you do right now,
And even if people raise their brow,
You’ll accept me, for who I am,
Taking all the bad bits if you can.

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