A cry for help

October 6, 2012
They’re just words
They don’t do any harm
You’re wrong, now she’s cutting her arms
She hides them
Big bracelets cover them all
But no one cares enough to know what you are doing is wrong
She stays up all night, cries and tells no one
She sees the scars on her arms and thinks”what have I
Ugly, useless, pathetic and fat
She holds in her tears as best as she can before they come back
She runs home crying, but today is worse
They have crushed her too much
What they have done has worked
She goes to the bathroom, takes a look in the mirror
Takes a deep breath, and opens the sleeping pill container knowing that it’s finally over
No more pain, no more suffering
Too many years of them telling her she’s nothing
When her mom came in to find her daughter on the floor
She called 9-1-1
Cradled her, hugged her, but she was already gone
See what you do?
Your words affect others
I hope you’re happy, you just killed another.

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JadeKae said...
Mar. 15, 2014 at 11:34 am
i love this article
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