The Fear

October 9, 2012
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The fear of getting lost on a road trip.
The fear of being lonely.

The fear of losing everything you have.
This is my fear.

I am terrified by bad weather like tornadoes,
most definitely tornadoes.
The god awful shriek of the sirens
sends me into state of shock.
Having to rush and gather up my family
along with my most cherished items.
I pack an emergency basket in about a minute with
Blankets, pillows, chargers for my electronics,
my purse and wallet,
and Kitty, my storm buddy.

Sometimes I break down and cry from feeling so hopeless.
Storms are not like fires where you can
unplug and turn things off, and usually stop it by spraying water on it,
you have to sit there and hear the sound
of your everything crumbling apart above you.
Storms cannot be stopped, cannot be predicted,
cannot be prevented.

My fear comes from how extraordinarily horrible they are.
Magnificently destructible to us,
but Mother Nature’s way to clean up our mess.
Fascinating they are, but tragic for a small town.

This is my fear.
The fear to lose everything I know.

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