October 8, 2012
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Nuance • n /
1. A subtle distinction or variation
2. A subtle trait

There are so many minuscule traits that sent me spiraling into love with you. The smile you give me when we are unclothed and our limbs are intertwined; the side of your mouth curls and your eyes glisten. The feeling of our fingers criss-crossing perfectly together and the way your hand finds mine in an instant; even in slumber. Your unfailing wit and the way words roll effortlessly off of your tongue. I love the way you can so easily vocalize the thoughts that leave my mind at loss for words. Your humor, which always brings a laugh to my lips. The way your temper flairs when a passion is threatened. I love your freckles; littering your body like stars in the sky and the tingle down my spine at your touch. It’s the subtleties that catch my eye and my heart.

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