Do You Really Hate Me?

October 16, 2012
By TatteredWings BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
TatteredWings BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Do you really hate me?
When these scarred arms encase around you, blemished by the stones and daggers the world seems
to hurl at you, protecting you and the armor that you have
decided to reside in. The armor
you refuse to believe is cracked.
But I see it. The bolts are loosening at the hinges and its form is beginning to warp from the weight placed on your shoulders.
You try to push me away, but my feet are forever frozen at your side. For the day your armor finally gives in, I'll be right here to make you a new one. One that's indestructible. One made of love, care, hugs, and kisses.

Do you really hate me?
When these hazel eyes gaze back into yours, peering into the depths of your soul. Unveiling every hidden emotion, insecurity, and secret. It agitates you to no end, I know. You think it makes you
feeble. Vulnerable. But it doesn't......
It makes you human.

Do you really hate me?
When these thin lips kiss yours until they're swollen and
bruised. Your breath, short and asthmatic. Your
once cool skin, now warm and flushed. Your eyes flutter
closed and I feel you relax in my embrace. Nice isn't it?
Won't you let me carry your burdens for a while?
Don't worry, I can be strong for both of us.

Do you really hate me?
When the vibrations of my voice tickle your ear. As we lay
together on a quiet summer night, staring up at the stars.
Past the stars. The words, " I love you", flow so naturally
out of my mouth. Like blinking. These moments are most
precious to me, for I truly know the answer to my question
when you shyly reply back, " I love you too".

The author's comments:
This poem is about a girl who is very strong willed and self reliant, and a guy who is in love with her. The poem in some ways relates to myself, but the inspiration in all honesty came out of thin air.

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