Vet of the Blanket Serengeti

October 16, 2012
By PoeticPenguin BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
PoeticPenguin BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Blankets clutter the floor,
and animals lay everywhere.
Dotted through the paper trees.
Dashing across the carpet plains.
It had been a great safari adventure,
but a long fall down the stairs.

His plush little body
consumed in fever too.
Little glassy eyes and warm silky ears,
his flushed face and runny button nose.
Along with a limp broken paw,
hanging at his side.

I took the tip of my pencil
and stitched up his paw.
Threading make-believe strings
through imaginary wounds
and placing pretend Popsicle sticks
to set the cotton bone
back in place.

Toilet paper wrappings
and tiny strips of tape
sealed up the fracture.
Damp rags and Cheerios
drove out the fever,
and stickers and gummies
pressed out the pain.

Stickers and markers
decorated the paper cast.
Signing it with
names of all his little plush friends.
Wishing him well and
hoping he heals soon.
Ready to take on the blanket Serengeti
in tomorrow’s next adventure.

The author's comments:
To all the adventures my stuffed animals gave me, and the creativity and kindness I found through our playdates.

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