Ode To Dogs

October 16, 2012
By PoeticPenguin BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
PoeticPenguin BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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To dogs,
With the welcoming, wagging tails,
and the jingling collar tags,
that not only represent dedication,
but also the only creature
on this earth
that loves you
more than he loves himself.

To the little paws
that leave muddy splotches
along shag white carpets.
And to all those ruined flowerbeds
leaving begonias in shreds,
but still
laden with buried treasures.

To the smile in his tail
better yet,
in his whole wiggly body,
as he says hello
to every single person
he has the pleasure of meeting.

To the focus he gives you
when you teach him new tricks.
Rolling over on his tummy,
and dropping down dead;
all for that one little
peanut butter biscuit.

To the drive he has to please
herding your cattle,
chasing down criminals,
following your gun-shot
or simply
being your best friend.

To the friendship he gives you
after your breakup, bad day,
or long day at work.
You come home exhausted
and see him trotting to your feet
love in his eyes and a grin in his tail ;
all that waiting
by his empty food dish
for hours on end
and he’s still happy to see you.

This is a thank you to
the warm fuzzy friends
that keep my feet
warm at night,
and who listen,
who understand,
and who say so much
without words.

Thank you for the love you not only
give me,
but every stranger you meet.
This is a thank you, to not only
man’s best friend,
but mine as well.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the paws that not only leave prints across my carpet, but on my heart as well.

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