Fabian Green

October 15, 2012
By Cami98 GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
Cami98 GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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Fabian Green, alone at sea

Silent and Peaceful, adorned in an array of fallen leaves

Floating and sinking higher and higher,
at the worlds every audacious whim, and fantastical desire

In the middle of that night, shined the upmost blinding of lights, which locked occupied eyes with Fabian Green, and then he could see.

For He was free,

As his dry lips savored the succulent fruit of the knowing tree, he was bombarded with a clutter of useless words, alien and unknown,
to an innocent fabian green

He instantly knew,
It was but a strange dream

Fabian Green alone at sea

Busy yet curious, adorned in a vast blue sheet, masking what we were at oneday destined to be

The author's comments:
We are all caught up in our busy worlds, slaves to material things, and we still can see the light.Please comment, all feedback great. Whats your interpretation?

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