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A lust and thrill called love.

October 15, 2012
By Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
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When I saw you I stopped, and felt your presence pull me in.
round you the others swept past in a blur,
it left me to linger in mysterious wonder,
how could you let me go unknown, unforgiven?

I leave with last words, but shameful they stay,
for their meanings was not mine to say.
I look at yours, so confused and yet,
It brings tears to fall on my skin, for your decision was set.

I'm not your one,
your not my own,
I've lost it all,
for it's me you've condoned.

Deep within I know I'm forgetting,
I am never alone but still,
I'm left with a wound only temporarily upsetting,
for love is a powerful lust and thrill.

The author's comments:
I asked my crush to a school dance, and he told me he was planning on asking someone else. I was so upset because I had been trying to make plans with him, but it turned out last minute that he himself didn't like me back.

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