why them why not me

October 14, 2012
By , lakewood, WA
Walking outside the wind blowing down the trees,
its so foggy i can hardly see,
the light that is inside of me,
glowing bright telling others i don't want to fight.

My tears come streaming down my face,
my heart beats faster at a pace i can not place,
my fears are they here or are they there,
my heard is so silent but my mind is so loud.

Why can't you just take me in your arms,
hold me tight until i feel alright,
can you be here for me when i am scared,
mommy how would you feel if you showed up and i was dead?

Would you then cry and say how much you cared,
would you cry because you lost your daughter,
or would you walk away without shedding a single tear,
showing everyone how you held me so "dear".

Ha you wouldn't care at all would you,
you would probably just go and treat my brother,
the same way you treated me,
please cant you tell me what i did that was so wrong?

Why cant you love me like you love the rest,
what about me is so wrong that you wont even look at me,
what is it that makes me so revolting to you,
is it that fact that when you look at me you see yourself?

You weren't there when i was getting hurt,
by the man you said you loved,
you weren't there when i broke down,
and began crying myself to sleep every night.

Why weren't you there when i started to cut,
every time losing a piece of myself,
why weren't you there when i tried to give up,
you didn't know my school told you!

How much did you truly care about me,
why were you hardly ever there,
you wonder why i always acted out,
that was because it was the only time you showed that you cared,
the only time that you knew i was there.

When i tried to show you my talents,
you never came to see,
you always chose my brothers over me,
how could you love them but not me,
why not me?

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Newsiesfreak said...
Oct. 17, 2012 at 1:30 pm
Frickin awesome.
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