All it would take is a Smile...from You

October 12, 2012
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I hate your gorgeous green eyes that stare back at me full of unspoken words and emotions
I hate the irresistible smile that makes my heart beat faster at just the sight of it
I hate the that easy charm of yours
I hate the that you know just how you affect me
I hate that I always look for you in the hallways
I hate your little Toyota pickup truck, the woods, and that little church, along with all the memories that come with them
I hate that little scar I have on my left knee and how I got it
I hate all the songs we listened to, and how whenever they come on they remind me of you
I hate that I still remember everything and every time we were together in great detail and can’t seem to forget them no matter how hard I try
I hate that I trusted you soo much more than I do most people
I hate how you affect me, like no one else can and that I can’t seem to control it
I hate that I still crave your kiss or touch even after all this
I hate that I still think you’re sexy as hell in your cowboy boots and camo hat
I hate that every guy I hang out with, doesn’t matter what we are doing my mind is still on you
But you know what I hate the most?
What I hate the most is that I don’t hate you at all, all it would take is one smile from you and I’d be back in your arms, no questions asked
That’s what I hate the most, that no matter how you hurt me, I still like you…
Kind of pathetic isn’t it?

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