What My Heart Has Been Through

October 12, 2012
By Static BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Static BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Beat up, beat down
Looking at the mess of a construction site
I see nothing nice because I’m seeing a pattern of repetition
Destruction, Reconstruction, and not to mention the constant reminder of what was once in existence
A heart
See it’s no secret that I have had a lot of meetings with Cupid but I was never aware that pain was lurking on his shoulders
Cupid carried the bow and arrow but who was the true beholder I will never know
Cus pain can blind the sharpest of eyes as well as cloud our judgment
So why should I trust myself when I’m hurtin
Shoot, now I don’t even think this love stuff is worth it
Cus you can have wrecks in love but insurance don’t cover it and I’m barely makin payments
Now I’m pilin up on statements
“I Love You” “I Miss You” all the same crap they say when they mess up
Then love and hate step up
Constant bickering between the two and not once coming to the real issue
Heart broken in two, Mind broken in two, and it’s all because of you
My record is 0-4
Four lost relationships, four broken hearts and it probably wont stop there
So beware of love’s illusion
Cus who you choosin can put your heart through a bruising
And as I look at this construction site of love
I proceed with caution
Need to understand the risk that comes with this line that I’m crossin
I still haven’t figured this out
Love leaves me confused
And no amount of words can truly explain
What My Heart Has Been Through

The author's comments:
I wrote this after a very bad break up. I became a little depressed and writing made me feel better. I even got a chance to recite it. Let me know if you like it.

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