Take it in

October 10, 2012
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Watching the sunrise then watching it set
all of the light has finally left
now all you have to do is wait
keep calm and anticipate
you're always going to make mistakes
but hurry because you don't want to be late
to find the reality in everything fake
gluing it back together after it breaks
open your eyes don't be blind
you have to survive, you're one of a kind
without you the world would lose its mind
Judgemental looks from everywhere
Blank expressions and empty stares
Beginning to crack, you just can't bare
To inhale where there is no fresh air
Yet your mind is needed
Your thoughts have succeeded
To reign over those who pleaded
And convince whoever wouldn't believe it
But there is someone who can see it
They were hidden behind your achievements
The time you thought you were alone
Being told to find a new home
Warmth escaped you so you remained cold
But now it's time to let old news be old
Telling yourself to consume
Everything that reflects on you
Now you're telling yourself what to do
It's finally time to pick and choose
So pick yourself
Do what you would do
This time try harder to breathe
Wake up from your endless sleep
Now there is someone you can believe
Take it all in, breathe deep
Never lose yourself in the process
There's always room for progress
Especially with what you possess
Put you conscious to the test
But let your body rest
Take in better things, make them the best

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