Very Scary Creature

October 9, 2012
By mystory BRONZE, Mayfield Heights, Ohio
mystory BRONZE, Mayfield Heights, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." - Nietzche

Deep in the shadows lays a very scary creature.
With eyes as black as night and body as cold as ice, but his soul is even darker and colder.
He watches you approach the tight alley.
Hiding in dark and plotting his attack.
…he’s a very scary creature indeed.

In the pit of your stomach, you know something is wrong.
Sensing the danger in the wind’s silence
He took his place at the top of your fears.
Waiting for you to slowly close in.
…he’s a very scary creature indeed.

Behind your back creeps an unknown figure.
Growling and prepared to kill.
Now between his arms, your throat is held.
Gasping to breath and becoming weak
…he’s a very scaring creature indeed.

Your head hits the wall.
Knocking you over and blood spills out.
On the ground is where you lie.
He tears your spirit and makes you cry.
…he’s a very scary creature indeed.

Against the wall is where now you hide.
After he’s gone and your left to die.
Closed up in your mind is how you cope.
Keeping the memory of him everlasting
…he’s a very scary creature indeed.

The author's comments:
Don't ever be afraid.

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