Falling Petals

October 12, 2012
By wordchick118 BRONZE, Perth, Other
wordchick118 BRONZE, Perth, Other
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Its thorns are so sharp
Like the bladde of a dagger
The stem stands strong and proud
With its roots swirling into the black couldren of soil
I watch as its petals fall

In the winter time when the snow is falling
Its red petals like blood on paper
In the crisp morning when the sun shines bright
And the snow melts off from its lips
I watch as its petals fall

In the autumn time when the wind blows strong
Its petals must stand as one
Holding their grip on the swaying stem
As the trees blow in the breeze
I wach as its petals fall

In the spring time when the flowers bud
Its petals glow in the sun
With the grass around it so green
The colours blurr as one
I watch as its petals fall

In the summer time when the sun is too hot
For the petals to crown the top
They shrivel like paper, wrinkled and old
And one by one they drop
I watch as its petals fall

Such beauty and strength only held by one
Such light and dark rolled up
Its petals rremain only as dreams
The rose as a sign of hope and love
I watch as its petals fall

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on Oct. 15 2012 at 5:30 am
WriterGirl1197 SILVER, Hamden, Connecticut
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Wow! This is beautiful! I love it! Keep writting! -Writtergirl1197

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