Saying Goodbye

October 11, 2012
I’m tearing up inside my heart
At the thought we might someday be apart
But we are nothing alike you see…
I’m nothing like you
You’re nothing like me

I was away for a while and we couldn’t talk
But before and after you still said squat
It hurts to do this but I need you to see
It’s not only hurting you it is hurting me

I can’t stay with you through all this pain
I just hope this will help me be sane
I know you will fight but soon you’ll see
You are just not right for me

I’m not right for you either
I hope that someday soon you will see her
The one that actually deserves you
And the one that likes everything that you do

Everything that you say
The guitar that you play
The way you make her plan the dates
When you treat her priorities like second rate

They say that goodbye is a second chance
When you speak of love when you speak of plans
Like plans to move far apart
But to keep each other in heart

Now the only thing that will link us together
Is this love we will probably have forever
I love you… but I can’t keep doing this with you
We’re through

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