The Flutist

October 10, 2012
By PoemMasterPai BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
PoemMasterPai BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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They said he couldn't
He wouldn't
He shouldn't
But oh he defied them
He plays, he plays

His soul it escapes him
Floating into oblivion
It dances to the music
He plays, he plays

His eyes pierce the listeners
Like daggers of silver
His lips poised in pleasure
He plays, he plays

The music like serpents
Intertwine in the air
Telling stories of sorrow
He plays, he plays

And the notes, they enclothe him
In a cloak of true pleasure
He rises to the heavens
As he plays, he plays

Forever a flutist
As such was his fate
His music is his
But the world is his stage
And for those who will listen
He plays, he plays

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by someone I know who happens to be a male flutist, and even though that strikes people as odd, I though it was really unique and inspiring. But essentially the focus of this poem was just what it's like to be musician and to do something you love doing no matter the consequences.

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