Rain Poem

October 9, 2012
By Anonymous

The sky gets very dark and clouds start to fill the sky
As you look up, the sky starts to change to all sorts of colors
Leading to the darkness or clouds that results in rain
And that’s when you know it’s going to happen
It starts out with a soft rain
Or just shower
It could heavily pour
For a few hours
Or just a few minutes
Hearing the loud boom sound of Thunder
As though it is happening in your very room
Seeing the Lightening strike
And hit
And again
As a storm is brewing up right before your eyes
Rain is an Oxymoron in itself
It has good and bad
It helps flowers grow
But too much can make the flowers do the opposite of what they need to do
But if you bring an umbrella you can hear the loud hit of the rain
As it then slowly slides off
But as it is ending if you’re lucky it could result in a bright rainbow

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