Girl In A Garden

October 7, 2012
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Tender hands touch upon velvet ruby petals,

careful to avoid the perturbing thorns.

This garden is a secret kingdom

of daises to tulips and roses to ivy

that twines upward on these wooden poles.

This is her solace.

Where the innocence of her white dress

may absorb the vibrant colors of the world.

One day comes a man, enamored by her simple beauty,

his eyes trained on the silhouette of this goddess like woman,

but she is already taken.

By nature of all things,

of flowers and freedom.

They can grow as high as mountains

or spread, like a weed, across the world

if they so wished.

Whereas she is the rooted one

planted in the walls of her kingdom

by the twines of vines of her father.

She is bewitched by this simple act of life.

“Grow,” she calls

“Leave as you can for if I were you

I would leap into the air

upon my stem and witness

the beauty outside these brick walls”

She cries into the day light,

but the flowers cannot hear her plea

and the trees may not return her calls.

So she is once again alone.

And her secret admirer

is none the wiser

of the fact that there is no room

in her heart for another love,

but the one she holds dear of the

wild untamed garden

hidden within this lost atrium.

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