"What's Your Name?"

October 7, 2012
By TennisAndWriting11 SILVER, Springboro, Ohio
TennisAndWriting11 SILVER, Springboro, Ohio
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You know, Algebra 2 class is a terrifying place for me.
I, being the youngest there, am subject to the laughs, the stares, the haunting glares
Coming from the classmen above me.
I try and shun their actions out of my mind and focus on the equation on the board.
Y=mx+b. The slope intercept formula.
I know this already. Doesn't the whole world know this already? This is easy.
A boy in the front of the room raises his hand and says,
"So wait, does x equal y?"
I sigh and shake my head. This will be a long year.
And then you come into play.
I hear a slight, quiet chuckle coming from your direction and turn around.
There you are, diagonally back to my left,
Sitting there in an orange T-shirt and jeans that are cut
For your slender but muscular body.
Your eyes catch mine and they sparkle like mounds of aquamarine jewels
On the summer solstice.
I feel the heat from the spark between us and it shows on my cheeks.
As the bell rings, I watch you with my peripheral vision
And time my movements so I'm in sync with you
And we just so happen to end up walking right beside one another to leave.
How did that happen?
Psh, I don't know...
You don't realize I planned this but take advantage of our close proximity.
"Hey, what's your name?" you ask me in a deep, sexy tone of voice
And I reply solely with my name, quietly and with a smile. "You?"
You tell me yours and say, "It's cool to meet you. So do you really like math?" he asks me,
Assuming I'm an intelligent geek with a retainer who just got contacts last week.
"No, actually, I hate it. I just got lucky on the advanced placement test," I answer
And you laugh at that.
Hey, you think I'm funny?
Wow, that exciting, nobody thinks I'm funny.
Man, those eyes just get me.
How can they be so blue without having been dyed with food coloring?
"I like your smile," you tell me and of course, without thinking , I smile at you.
I don't really know what to say to that, because nobody gives me compliments.
So I just say thanks, because I think that's what you're supposed to do
And then before I know it, we've made it all the way to my locker.
"Well, I'll see you tomorrow," you say, bidding me farewell
And I want to grab you by the wrist and pull you into me.
I want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you that you're exactly what I'm looking for.
But instead I let you go, riding off on your horse like the price I can already tell you are,
Hoping you'll dream of me tonight,
Riding behind you,
Hands around your waist,
Lips pressed to your cheek,
As your princess.

The author's comments:
Maybe math class really is good for something after all.

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