How I want to be remembered

October 5, 2012
By TheREALMelodikTonez BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
TheREALMelodikTonez BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
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The streets and galleries of America filled with the one thing that comforts me
bitter sweet smell of paint and success becomes my scent I...
progress in my craft knowing one day this will be my “Sistine Chapel” my..
“Statue of David” my... Imprint on the world of art.
dreaming bigger than the rest and achieving more than the average I will...
set aside time to grace my presence on the dance floor but I’ll..
find my way back to the paint brush and easel because..
there lies true happiness.
humbling myself with each step I take, with each ink stain I make
striving to leave footprints big enough to be seen but unique enough so that it can never be duplicated
to draw on a canvas, with a deeper meaning,
my dreams and thoughts of the things I envision daily you see
what you think of me is not who I am
The parties and the boys will soon fade but my mark...
the mark that sets me apart from the cookie cutter impressions society has forced everyone else to leave, will be the mark of an amazing artist, wife, mother, child, and best friend.
THAT’ I want to be remembered.


The Artist, The Dancer


The author's comments:
Its about a person who loves to draw/paint and dance. Someone who wants there works to be seem by the world and known by greatest artists of our time. Someone also wants to be known as the amazing artist who's also light on her feet. This is for her.

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