Harvest Hour

October 5, 2012
By Chasen BRONZE, Weare, New Hampshire
Chasen BRONZE, Weare, New Hampshire
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I grew around you like thick vines entwine trees,
And I found you when the Cradled Night blew away your leaves.
I felt my calm veins bleed into your bulwark bark,
And promised you solace as I led you through the dark.
I placed a darling ring of daffodils upon your furrowed face,
And stole the sunlight from the bright sky so I could drench you with its grace.
But as sure as you were the Bluebell blossoming in my land…
The day eventually came when he pulled apart our hands.
I could feel the ground around me was ready to be sown-
Oh, you burned so bright! He was bound to want you for his own…
We were ripped like ragged roots beneath the tilled topsoil-
Soaking in the hot springs till our bathing bellies boiled.
We screamed our goodbyes through grassy gravel lungs-
We fought a war with no munitions… just used our tired granite tongues.

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