Remember Me

October 6, 2012
Pitter patter of my feet on the concrete street
I stand looking at the ground
Frost is the grass’s death showing on my breath
I hear a sigh, a squeal, a hiss
I look up at the round face that is looking out of place
The sound of laughter reaches my numb ears
Dreading this ride I climb ever slowly inside
My eyes search for a seat
Many eyes we meet but none of them want to greet
Choosing one where I will be alone
I sit and wonder deeply ponder
At those who I know but choose to not show
Do you remember me?

I walk down the hall inside I want to bawl
People stop to glare
Laughter and snicker point and bicker
Why they do I don’t know
Hastily I walk by holding my head up high
Although inside I slowly die
My team, my friends, no longer mine
Silently I ask
Do you remember me?

Throughout the day where I must stay
Is like a game, being hunted
Always watching over my back, ready for an attack
By those I was once loved
Inevitably I get trapped cleverly I am tracked
So I stand and take the abuse
Laying broken crudely woken
I replay the harsh words
We don’t care to remember you

My heart is aching slowly breaking
The tears I cannot hold
Privacy of a stall I let my tears begin to fall
For a while I just stay
Wrapped in self-pity I didn’t hear the voice soft and pretty
I don’t know why I opened the door
But something about the voice it made me feel like I had the choice
Bringing forth a memory I must have lost
I found now brushing it off
The brown stained eyes like tea
It’s not the first time that I see slowly approaching me
My name is Brie we used to be friends
Although I don’t know if you remember me

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Nicole L. said...
Oct. 10, 2012 at 11:58 am
this is one of the best poems ive read so far(:
sadesdd said...
Oct. 10, 2012 at 11:44 am
This is a good poem for bullying month, even if it wasn't about bullying that much. I like the rhythm of it. And the storyline, and how you stuck with the line "will you remember me"
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