Religious Wonder

October 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Into an unknown abyss
The path is absent
The way is not shown
Vast is the openness

Swiveling round and round
Yet not quite moving
The edges sharp and jaded
Slashing at the unfamiliar

Ingrained into one’s own
Judgment leaking from the seams
Selling but never buying
Unworried by that, that is lacking

Stacked up in rows
Huddled beneath a figure
Hand in hand near the fire
In search of the absent path

A booming voice carries a crowd
While chanting leads another
Silence blanketing many
Discovering the way not shown

Above the stars a glance is cast
Within the trees a line is sought
To the crops, a miracle is the want
Into the unknown abyss

The Four Noble Truths
Karma and Darma
The Ten Commandments as a guide
All to the light in the darkness

No matter which way
To pray, to worship
The ultimate goal
The same
In search of the absent path

Have it be heaven
Have it be hell
Have it be peace

Vast is the openness
Coexist with each other
All one in the same
Each morally conscious
Life so simple
So pure

The author's comments:
Inspired by my opinion that all religions are merely a teaching of how to be a good person.

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