The Fruitiest Poem Ever

October 4, 2012
By John Eric Mendel BRONZE, Sicklervile, New Jersey
John Eric Mendel BRONZE, Sicklervile, New Jersey
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The apple blushed red as the banana sang
And sipped on the orange juice, sweet and tang.
They sipped on the wine from the grapes new batch,
And waited for the morning sun to hatch.

The lemons flew overhead in the night.
The limes followed, almost too close behind.
The pears sang and danced down the road,
But tripped and stumbled into the mouths of the toads.

The banana kept singing and the apple got redder.
There’s no way this night could get any better!
‘Here under the stars with your voice so bold,
Warms my core from the winters’ cold’,
Said the apple as she leaned in for a kiss.
But she leaned too far and found she had missed!
She opened her eyes and banana was gone.
No more kisses and no more song.

Now the apple, rotted and brown, sits in the dumpster on the other side of town.
Waiting and waiting just to be found, and thrown deep, deep into the ground.
So she can decompose- if someone would walk by,
So she can be with the banana in the great fruit bowl in the sky.

The author's comments:
This is a love story about a Banana and an Apple. Not what you'd expect!

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