Diary of a Self Mutilator.

October 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Is it okay,
Just to sit there and cry?
To not be judged
On the days when you want to just roll over and die?
When you hear the rumors,
but you always look away.
Is it a crime to just to want to run away,
If you're terrified,
And look in your eyes,
Can you see,
Is it a mirror to your soul,
Or just a free glooming ghoul?
When you feel your heart,
Do you know where to start,
When you can't even tell what's going on?
Is it too much to ask to not be pushed around?
When you're suppose to help yourself up,
But you just further bring yourself down.
Is it bad,
When you just can't concentrate?
When self mutilation is the only way to sedate?
Go ahead, stand there and laugh.
While you just stare and lead me on to the wrong path.
When is it a crime to be me,
Guilty is charged,
Even though all I wanted was to be free.

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