The Shadows

October 3, 2012
By Cheyenne_ GOLD, Lawton, Oklahoma
Cheyenne_ GOLD, Lawton, Oklahoma
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The shadows,
Scary but beautiful..
Almost sees like I'm the only one that notices then though ..
Such a shame
It's as if well nature has made a masterpiece,
And it's brush is the sun
but when the sun goes down ,
and the moons shines above
The beautiful shadows
Turn horrifying
With gruesome figures
looking as if it's coming for you
The monsters out into the night
chasing you down
Until you can't take no more
Until you scream on the top of your lungs
But when the sun comes back ,
they return to the beautiful masterpiece ,
How can something so horrifying return to something beautiful ?
I guess you can think the same for people as well
That's how i think of everything as really of

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