Big Bro Love

October 3, 2012
By Nicole,GG PLATINUM, Pikeville, North Carolina
Nicole,GG PLATINUM, Pikeville, North Carolina
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From the moment I was born
You knew I was special
And you called me yours

Not quite three
But you became attached
And said you loved me

When I grew older
I became attached as well
And loved spending time with you

We would go sledding in the snow
And ride our bikes
And I would ask you a million questions

Like how old will you be when I am 7?
How old will you be when I am 15?
And what about 34?

You were my best friend
Somebody that I could count on
To play games with me

When I entered dreaded middle school
You became somebody that I talk to
About more important matters of life

You protected me from the bullies
And the drama that come with
Being a middle school girl

In high school you left to go to college
But you would still come home and
Sit on my bed with me

We didn’t even have to talk
But knowing you were there
Is one of my fondest memories

I always wanted you on my team
When we played cards
Because we make a pretty good team

Now that I am in college too
You give me advice about what classes to take
And how to peruse my future endeavors

It didn’t take me long
But I learned that you are
Really special too

But since today is your wedding day
And you are sharing your life with somebody else
I will have to settle for second best

I hope she knows how special you are
And treats you with kindness and respect
And gives you everything you want

And even though she is taking you away
She can never take away the precious moment
From our childhood

You are the best brother in the world
I love you so much

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