Ode to Munny

October 3, 2012
By Anonymous

The soft, white fur
is now worn and grey.
Small holes expose
tightly compacted white fluff.
Small pieces of thread serve as
wild, yellow hair.

All of these quirks and many more
are what make Munny herself.
Deep, deep inside,
the stuffed white rabbit
holds tears, fears, and
softly spoken dreams.

Munny: the precious container
of my childhood.
Laughter, fun places, heartbreak, excitement...
Wherever I go, my special bunny came with me.
My favorite stuffed animal, she’s been with me
since birth, in one form or another.

One look at her soft, sweet face
or a soft kiss on a long, floppy ear
brings back so many memories, so many feelings.
My best friend, she’s always on my side.
Munny. Precious, precious, Munny.
Thank you for everything.

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