The Sinking

October 3, 2012
By Anonymous

The vapor scurries away from my tender lips
Wild white birds flying away
Fading away into blackness,
briefly masking the exposed flesh
that so easily changes from pink to blue
as the oxygen becomes conquered by icy sheets,
determined to freeze from the inside out as well.

Icicles rise from the cheekbones of the elite
in their overly damp furs and rainbow jewels.
Stalactites cling onto the ears of the underprivileged,
simple cloth clinging to their simple figures
yet fear is identical.
Wide eyes, shivering lips, twitching muscles,
mobilized limbs and cries in all languages
disappearing into the sky that continues to uphold
the sneering stars over this cornerless sea.

Since when did the world grow so much larger
with waters like hungry tigers,
devouring mindlessly
And not caring if the blood stains their fur?

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