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September 30, 2012
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If I am good can we move away?
I'll start all over in that shiny new place
I'll take off the make-up
And the grunge.
I'll patch my pants.
The ones with the holes.
I'll throw away all the drugs
Swallow the cigarettes on my breath
And my red plastic cup at parties
Will have the innocent taste of water.
I won't stay out late.
Daylight will mock my early return
I'll clean my room
And vacuum under my bed
I'll "do my part in this household"
My kisses will be private
I won't have sex
I'll break up with the boy with the motorcycle
The honor role will be proud of me
If I'm good can we move away?
Pack up and leave tomorrow?
And all that will be left of the life I lived
Is the dust underneath my bed
And the drugs in the trash
And the butt in my lungs
And the leftover beer cuz they thought I was coming
And the unused condoms
And a blank piece of paper with these ugly thoughts.
If I am good can we move away?

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