To those who hate people who believe differently.

September 28, 2012
By Nika_ GOLD, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
Nika_ GOLD, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
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To those who hate people who believe differently.
There once was a man, who lived his life
With no sorrow, hurt, nor strife.
He got down on his knees, and began to pray
To the God who chased his despair away.
He was tired of those who payed God no heed
and refused to follow his creed.
So one day, he folded his hands,
begging God to hear his battle plans.
Because of his piety, God whisked him to his throne,
and his glory, throughout his kingdom, shone.
the man jumped for joy at this time,
Speaking forth earth's terrible crimes.
He said, "Oh God, great and true,
The God who made the sky so blue,
The God who made the heavens and earth,
and brings me happiness to my home and hearth,
I thank you for this wonderful chance
To get the whole earth to fill with your chants."
God looked down from his throne and said with great power,
"My child, my son, my yet unbloomed flower,
You do not yet know why I brought you here."
The man looked confused, then stated without fear,
"But God, I think that I do, for when I was in prayer
It was because I realized something not very fair.
You see, there are many on earth who don't pray
To the one who was crucified, who showed us the way.
They live their lives, not knowing you God!
And until they do, they're nothing but sods.
I point and I accuse, I scream and yell
and tell them all their going to Hell.
Yet they still don't turn to you,
so I prayed to ask you what I should do?"
God frowned a bit, not angry, but hating
all of the evil his own sons were creating.
He said, "You are wrong, for when I whisked you from bed
It was not to plot, but to tell you instead
That if you want the rewards I bestow
there is something important you should already know.
Those people you insult, they're my children too,
I love them as much as I love you."
"But God!" the man said, with excitement growing,
"These people, to you no praise they are showing!
They worship they're pagan Gods, or don' worship at all!
Every single one deserves to fall."
"My child," Said God, in his ever loving voice,
"Although it pains me to see them make the wrong choice,
remember, you are to be the image of Christ.
Your life to me is unimaginably priced.
So how come, when your to be like the man as pure as a dove,
To your neighbors you show absolutely no love?"
"But God!" The man continued, defending his case,
"It's not like I discriminate by race!
I love all people, regardless of WHAT they are.
They can't control that, so why should my character you mar?
Its WHO they are they can control, and THAT'S how I judge,
and in that aspect, I will simply not budge."
God shook his head in disbelief
That someone so pious could cause him this grief.
"My son, remember well what the scriptures tell
Of the w**** running from the crowd, and to my knees fell.
She sold her body, and on the ground she did lie,
The crowd screaming that she should die.
I looked down at her, my beloved young daughter,
and the horrible terror this crowd had brought her.
I looked at them, and commanded them all,
That to the their feet, their stones must fall."
"But God!" The man said, refusing to back down,
"Remember the Pharisees, and their self-righteous frowns
that they wore when you, in anger, told them their faults,
That's just what I do to these people in their cults!
These teens who betray the idea of love,
And these idiot Muslims, their ideas I shove!
I don't see a problem, and its so true
I'm just trying to please you!"
God had enough, he rose from his seat,
his eyes alone held a righteous heat.
God bellowed with rage, a wind roaring with awe,
"How dare you use me to justify your sanctimonious law!
When I scorned the Pharisees, it was for a different reason
Than the one you use, and I tell you, Its treason!
They called themselves mine, but their hearts told those
Who saw them in their vanity, that their God was one who stuck up his nose
At all the humans, and they couldn't be more wrong,
But they were lost to me, because for so long
People like you pushed them away!
My word says that any kindness you show to others, I will repay.
So if you hate others, putting them down, telling them they shouldn't have been born
Then to you I will show the same scorn!"
Take this to heart, all of you
Wet her you be Atheist, Christian or Jew
that the world is full of enough hate right now
Without all of us telling others to whom they should bow.
So take some advice from Voltaire, who at one time writ,
"I don't agree with you your doing, but I will defend to the death your right to do it."

The author's comments:
I just decided to write this because I hate it when people mentally and emotionally abuse people who believe differently.

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