darkness around us

Each day we go through life like nothings ever going to change. I’ve seen friends die, plains wreck and family hurt. The clouds go gray; the night sky’s soon set in. I look out my window to see nothing just my refection staring right back at me. I laugh at myself, like nothing was going on. Soon I find myself with a knife, I’ve cut myself, I’ve done it before and I will do it again. I need help. I need someone that will care for me. I needed you, yet you wear no were near. You said you would always be there for me no matter what, well look at yourself now. You wear never there; you never cared for me you only cared for yourself. Do I mean anything? I’m guessing not. Why try any more. I’m jut going to give up. Life puts me down, yet I try to stand, but again I fall. I fall down so many times I just don’t see myself getting up no more. Life will carry on without me. The darkness was soon everywhere and now I am no wear to be found.

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