The Red Men and the Messengers

September 23, 2012
By KittyKaat SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
KittyKaat SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Waves of fire waltz through the night sky
Serving as messengers warning of what’s to come
His army is miles wide and growing by the seconds
Everything he conquers in his path
serves as fuel for his strength

His men will not tire
nothing will extinguish their fire
decorated in blazing red attire they serve from blazing chariots
to conquer
Oh, how the Red Men enjoy
to destroy

The doves are the first

to hear the messengers silent cry
These messengers are mute
all they have are wild

silent gestures
which they paint into the night sky
In the form of billowing smoke

And so they trill their warning trill
as to warn all the other animals of the Red Men’s
The torpid turtles and sloths are the first to hear
The warning trill
Then the elephants and the zebras
and soon all the animals in the animal kingdom

Start on their journey to a safe



In one long line circling the perimeter of Earth

And finally a person opens their ear

And hears the warning trill
But it is too late
The red men have arrived

The author's comments:
In this poem, the Red Men are a metaphor for fire, and the Messengers are a metaphor for the smoke produced by a fire.

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