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September 23, 2012
By SamiLaRose GOLD, Port Jefferson, New York
SamiLaRose GOLD, Port Jefferson, New York
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"I heard you like the bad girls honey, is that true?"

Something that used to be so flavorful, sweet, and tempting has done nothing more for me now than left a bitter taste in my mouth, and a sting upon my rooftop
Kissing you was fun, but only for so long as the early morning went on and on
Sometimes old favor songs come on, and it reminds me of a much happier place
Pretty hazy now,
The memories begin to fade, and as you smoke more weed the anxiety starts to fade away .
Your car gives me a heart attack, anytime I am on the road I have to look back, so paranoid by the fact that you could be right there it puts a most foul and disgusting odor in the air
It reminds me of the smell of burning flesh, and my stomach begins to tie in knots.
My stomach drops six feet under, and it is there no longer there,
Thumb, thumb, thumb, better square up your heart, you wouldn’t want to have a seizure now would ya
As the blood oozes out and you watch it pour in your hands and on your clothes, you take out a needle and begin to sew
Something you are most used too, the pain is sometimes so real.
All in your head, yes it is, but sometimes it’s a physical illness too, forever feeling sick and lonely I look out the window and get into the zone
I always think about the long winter nights, they remind me of the days that didn’t make sense
The winter is m comfort zone, it’s the only time I feel at home.

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