When Iris falls in love

September 24, 2012
By Anonymous

I see her world as your eyes
She painted your pupil with the soot of her soul
The image of her first time watching fireworks
Swam across your land and back
The black hole that had sucked her in
She began
To rip his eyes wider to see
How he wasn’t really welcoming me
So she stopped
To keep it in the center of all
And spread the colors almost ready to fall
Over the edge and slamming the white
She only kept a circle of bright
Settling the iris to peace
So he wouldn’t know that he wasn’t welcoming me
But see
Me, instead of her gorgeous self
Because she is selfish and choose all
The colors she likes for him to see
She loves how she manipulates me
Her name is Iris
The lightning covering the oceans and skies
Of his blue eyes
Keep my longing stare from self suicide.

The author's comments:
Isn't Iris fascinating?

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