Judo is love

September 22, 2012
By bjmcrank GOLD, Dayton, Ohio
bjmcrank GOLD, Dayton, Ohio
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My life is what i do and what i do is my life.
Rarely do you find someone as devoted to it as i.
Its what i think when i wake up. What i focus on every day.
Its who i am and who i am becoming. Its my friend.
Sometimes i come home bruised. sometimes i come home disappointed.
But that's what makes me motivated to keep going. Knowing i will get better and I will be ready.
I train with the best. My team is my family. They keep me strong the days i feel weak.
As my body is getting stronger so is my mind. I've come along way in just a years time.
I'm ready for the battles. I live for the fight. Not because i'm violent. its just my whole life.
I've had dreams shattered, I've had a broken heart. But now that i'm in judo..
My life will finally start.
I found what i love, and i love what i do.
What i love i'm devoted too. each day i grow stronger. each day i grow closer to the win.
Its hard to explain to most my love. because my love is what i dream of.
Most say its stupid. Most say i'm wrong, because i'm a girl and i'm weak.
Most say ill get hurt. and i know that i will. But i can get hurt at home, and at home wheres the thrill?
My judo is my dream come true. My judo is all i dream to do.
For those whom always have said i'm weak. say that when I'm on a winning streak.
I plan on going far with this like a lot of dreamers do. I thought i would take time and share my dream with you. My team has got my back and i have theirs too. There is nothing else i'd rather do.
This is what makes me happy. I love the feel of a win. But even when i lose i am happy i grow stronger.
learning with each mistake. With out my judo i don't know were i'd be.From the moment i started i knew i'd fall in love with it. and i did. To some i have to prove i'm strong most of them ill someday prove wrong.
But until then i know this is true.
Judo loves me. and i love it too.

The author's comments:
Judo is a sport you rarely find people doing. and usually not girls. I get criticized over being a girl "in a mans sport" all the time. but its what i love. and that will never change.

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