Forever Mine.

September 20, 2012
What is it that I am? Someone hungry for your love? The cry for your arm’s around me or your smile to brighten my day. Your this human I long for and this animal I hate. Your hurting me, my heart and who I am. You left me and didn’t care, but I don’t hate you for breaking me. All I am, is what you are. Your dragging me and I feel no pain, no pain just love from you, love that I know is there. I want you to find it, I want you to know what was and is still real. It’s burning my body, taking me to where I don’t belong. Your this knight and shining armor of protection and love. Where you are is where I want to be. You undermine me and it hurts, it hurts because I can see you.. see you wanting me, but there’s no change. No change in how my life is. Still no you, no us? I’m breaking, I’m finally breaking and I need you to be my backbone, be there catch me when I fall. All I’ve waited for, all I’ve dreamed of is gone. I’m trying to run away from what I want. I don’t like feeling this way. It’s antagonizing my soul, it’s attacking my insides and feeding my what I want to believe is real. I want you for me and all to myself. Have me, hold me, don’t keep me waiting. Chase me, follow me, GRAB ME! I know you want to. Please, my heart it weakening without your love. Your touch, your lips, upon my skin keeps me craving you. Your my dreadful, meal and you linger on my every wakening.

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