The House on Evergreen Court

September 19, 2012
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The house on Evergreen Court was just like any other.

Except it wasn’t.

Its siding was just a slightest shade darker blue,
Its windows were just the tiniest bit more tinted,
Its shades were drawn just a few more inches tighter,
Its porch light was just a little less brighter,

Its roof was just the slightest bit more slanted,
Its nails were just a tiny more rusted,
Its steps creaked just a little louder,
Its walls were just a tiny bit thinner,

Its hallways were narrower,
Its air was staler,
Its lawn was more barren,
Its garden was untended,
Its rooms were filthy,
Its floors were dusty,
Its groceries were rotting,
Its odors were atrocious,
Its furniture was sparse.

It was the same.

But it wasn’t.

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