What I Miss About Us

September 19, 2012
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I miss the way we used to talk all day on call

Whispering each others names. .

Saying Rawr and such

I miss how we used to

Role play each and everyday

Talking for hours on end

You always say

Russian accents are cool

Making me laugh

But now knowing I may

Never really hear you say those

Words another day ..

I miss how each and every day

We sit and whisper to each other

Saying what we say and laughing

About the silly little things I do

What i miss about us is US. .

I miss how I used to hold you . .

And now I miss when the day comes

To meet your mom. .

But that day will never come

For what I’ve done . . .

I miss you but you’re still mine

How’s That work ??

WRITTEN 11/16/10 11:50am

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