The Rain

September 14, 2012

Nothing matters except the rain.
As I walk home, the droplets lightly splash onto the concrete. Patter patter; split splat.
Rain hits window, playing its own soft, soothing song for all of us to enjoy.
I watch as beads of water race each other, streaming down the windshields of cars.
My feet land in puddles, causing huge eruptions of water that paints portraits upon the street.

I gaze up and see a magnificent ceiling of gray clouds forming a wall that protects you from all harm.
In the distance, thunder booms throughout the sky reminding the world of its power.
I jump into the air meeting the droplets halfway, so anxious to feels them dripping against my skin.
I dance across the sidewalk to the beat of the splashes. The rain makes me feel so good.
I collapse onto the muddy, wet grass with my arms and legs spread wide beckoning the rain to come.
The world is falling, it looks like. Right onto me, full speed ahead.
My clothes are drenched, but that is good. My skin can then soak up the pureness.
I want to remain under the shower of rain forever.
Let the water sink me into a place where all thoughts are forgotten.
Nothing matters except the patter patter; split splat.
Nothing matters except the rain.

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