Behind Closed Doors

September 14, 2012
Behind Closed Doors
Screaming and Scramming To Get Out
No One Seams To Care
No One Hears You Shout
You’re trapped
And You Don’t Know What to Do
You Want To Brake Free
And Find the Real You
Behind Closed Doors
Is Where You’ve Lived You Life
Alone, Abandoned & Sensitive
Seems Like Everything Cuts, Like A Knife
The Doors Are Locked & You’re Stuck Within
Everything Gets On Your Nerves
& Crawls Underneath Your Skin
Behind Closed Doors
Where Happiness Doesn’t Exist
Where you’re To Scared to Open Up
Or Even Take a Risk
You Wish to Brake Threw
Tare down Barriers
And Begin Something New
But you’re Trapped and Alone… All Alone
Behind Those Closed Doors … Thinking?
“No One Understands You”
But Really? Someone Else
Is Living Behind Those Closed Doors Too
But In Order to find them?
You have to find you …

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