September 12, 2012
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Welcome to Dreamland, home of nothing yet everything.
Here, in this kingdom of inky darkness that swathes you,
Blinds you, bathes you in its joys, pleasures, and pains,
Resolves itself to a corrupted reiteration of reality -
It is here that you will find whatever you desire
And also what you wish most to forget.

This is where I found you at first, silently weeping
Against the wall of the villa, and where I came and brushed away
Those tears from your face, and held you close while you
Cried into my shoulder. This place where, in another time,
We had walked by the fountain side and tumbled in together,
The two of us resurfacing in bubbles of laughter, and you
Held me as close in your laughter as you did in your despair,
And the solid warmth of your imagined presence assured me
Of your love even when you weren't there.

But when I returned last night to this place of dreams, I remembered
That morning in the villa, how you begged me to never let you go,
And how I whispered back my promise into your ear. For now you lay
Curled up in sleep on the bed, and I realized I had nothing new to say
To you when you woke up, except goodbye.

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