A Silly Little Something.

September 11, 2012
By Jaymee BRONZE, Clearfield, Utah
Jaymee BRONZE, Clearfield, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
Be the person you want to remember.

You're my inspiration,
the reason why I rise.
My only full dependant,
my hero, just revised.

You're a sick obsession,
you push me and I fall.
I know I should forget it,
but I just can't let it go.

I'd follow you to Mars,
yes, Jupiter and back.
You're brighter than the stars,
and I won't forget that.

And a thousand hours later,
a million miles west,
when I close my eyes I'll see you,
still won't love you any less.

I'm not sure if I'm living,
if I'm dead,if I'm alive
all I know is when I see you,
I get butterflies inside.

My heart starts beating faster,
my temperature will rise.
Tell me, do you see it?
The way I feel inside?

It may seem a little stupid,
crazy?, yeah I get it ...
but if this is just a crush
then love, I don't wanna get it.

It's like a disease,
the days I cry myself to sleep.
Because deep down I know,
you can do better than me.

At least in my daydreams
you'll always be mine.
My matter the weather,
the season, the time.

I'm still so unsure
if that's everything you need,
to even understand,
just how much you mean to me.

I'll leave it with that,
please ignore if you don't agree,
but if you do, just understand,
we're still dealing with me.

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