That Girl

September 11, 2012
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Ya' know the kind of girl who you see for the first time, and immediately want to walk up and talk to?
The kind who after only about a week of knowing her, you already have strong feelings for?
The kind who even after rejection and rejection, is still willing to be your friend like nothing happened?
The kind who doesn't judge you, even after you've made a fool of yourself time and time again, right in front of her?
The kind who is so sweet that you have never heard her say something mean to you that you didn't absolutely deserve?
The kind who is so funny that just regular conversation with her has you laughing every 5 seconds?
The kind who is so cute, kittens stare at her and wish they could even come close to her cuteness level?
The kind who can fit in with the dudes so well, while still maintaining a perfect level of girlyness?
The kind who has the ability to make 3 short months, seem like 3 long years, just by not being able to talk to her, or see her beautiful face?
The kind who can make you feel so comfortable, except when you think about asking them out, and you become petrified with fear that it will ruin your friendship, the same friendship that you treasure so much?
The kind who makes you boil with secret rage when another guy flirts with her, even though you have never been the jealous type?
The kind who is so nice, funny, pretty, sweet, smart, and great in every way, that she fills a guy like me with so much passion that he grabs a pencil and paper at 11 O'clock PM, and spends an hour and a half writing a 2 page poem about how he feels about her, even though he knows that her feelings about him probably won't change, but he does it anyway, just to show her how much he cares, and how much she is valued?

I'll answer that for you.
The answer is no.
You don't know that kind of girl.
Because she's one of a kind.
And her name is Umber

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