Nothing is Forever

September 12, 2012
By Zalcon BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Zalcon BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing is forever, but make what you can out of today.

The agony of not having your love
When it is so close to me
Your life lays shattered at your feet
Because of one prophetic song
One dire symphony
That now drives the poison deep inside your soul
Leaving you nothing but the feeling of defeat
So when a light appears, you turn away
Afraid of another failure at your door
But this one is tampered with something they cannot meet
A pain that, unto itself, you see with pity
You laugh, turn to leave the poor,
When they say something that chills to the teeth
"I have heard your symphony"
you wait, and prepare to knock them to the floor,
"There is nothing you can do
That they haven't already done"
You're shocked, and then,
" What happened to you, happened to me"
And there you are, against the world,
But someone wants to fight with you
And win, because, no matter what happens,
Nothing can break me from my love,
Suddenly, you perceive,
What I've told you all along,
Nothing, even memories, are forever,
Nothing, even love, is forever,
But make what you can of today

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