Goodbye tale.

September 10, 2012
By Br33na GOLD, Dexter, Oregon
Br33na GOLD, Dexter, Oregon
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Held my breath, and skip a beat or two.
I feel, something missing, and its missing you.
You've gone away, but I feel you next to me.
Reading every word, So afraid you can see.
The feeling in my eyes, this acke in my heart.
The tingle on my back, everything falling apart.
I stand,Dressed in Black, your name in the air.
This feeling of pain, life can't be fare.
I can't let you go, but I know its your time to fly.
My trust given to god I look up to the sky.
So young, so loved, your spirit remains to shine.
But our hands slipping goodbye,
I accept its your time.

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to one a person who touched my life in many ways,he was my best friend for the longest time, and is no longer with me. R.i.P
I'll always love you.

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