Just An Urn

September 10, 2012
By Yasmen BRONZE, San Diego, California
Yasmen BRONZE, San Diego, California
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To me, it's just an urn.
It sits on the marble top of her dresser.
A beautiful onyx urn with a gleaming golden lid.It's smooth surface reflects the light that flows through the window; making seems as if its glowing.
When i look at that cold surface and see my reflection, all i see is a stranger staring back at me with haunted eyes. Eyes too intense to be the eyes of a 16-year-old girl.
the stranger cries; tears steadily slide down her face because the pain that fills her don't allow any space for them.
To me, it's just an empty urn.
I don't feel that he's in there.
The empty urn is just a reminder of what happened.
Of what made me become a stranger to myself.
Of why my mother cried daily.
It contains my grandfather's ashes.
Yeah, the urn contains the remains of a person that i loved. A person that i held dearly inside my heart...A person who is now gone.
Forever confined inside the cool onyx urn with a golden lid.
I know he's in there.
But to me,at least for right now, maybe my feelings might change. Maybe not.
To me, it's just an urn. An empty urn.

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