She and The Girl

September 9, 2012
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Her mind was a whirlwind, thoughts flinging themselves across the barren wasteland of her brain.
The crazy blue ocean danced around her as she cried a river.
The smell of the salt trickled onto her tongue.
She saw a person. A girl. Flowing hair, colorful eyes.
The girl walked closer. The sweet scent of strawberry filled the air around her. It smelled good.
The girl extended her hand. "Laura." she said. "From Australia. That's where the accent's from in case you were wondering."
She shook it. "Brooke".
She was suddenly overwhelmed by the scent of strawberries. The smell always made her feel nauseous.
She pushed that though aside and forced a smile. "Want to go take a walk down this beach?"
The girl nodded enthusiastically. "A giant fantabulous yes!"
She laughed, realizing that this was the first happy emotion she'd been able to truly express in a long time.
The girl took her hand. "Ready?"
They were on a high bridge,
The moon beating heavily down on them on that hot summer day.
They jumped off, doing 10 flips and diving perfectly into the water below.
Rainbow and Elena applauded them, grinning and relieved they'd made it.
She and the girl will proceed to jump many more times.
The running fire won't stop them.
But they will find the half golden half silver extra horn of the baby unicorn.
No matter what it takes.
"Quiero amarte", dijo la chica.
She didn't know any Spanish.
The book opened to page 85. 'Be yourself. Have confidence. Do what you love." It said out loud.
She listened.
The girl listened.
They both understood but the same time didn't get it why it was being said.
The girl took her hand.
A shock of empowering electricity went through them.
Their fingers intertwined.
The waves crashed around them,
The twinkling lights unfolding in the sky.
The unexpected continuously happening,
Like finding a frito in a cheetos bag.
She stands there on the beach.
She sees red.
She finds a strawberry.
A note next to it, written in the most beautiful cursive.
"Be proud of who you are. Te amo."
Her heart melted.
She can imagine the girl saying it.
This had to have been reality.

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